DIY Bikini Top

DIY Bikini Top

The DIY Bikini Top post originally appeared on and is written by Oflambsandlace.

I’d love to be able to whip up my own lingerie from scratch but honestly, i consider the whole process akin to witchcraft. I have neither the skill nor patience to fiddle about with patterns and sewing machines. So here’s my no nonsense, no patience required, DIY Bikini Top.

DIY Bikini Top

DIY Bikini Top Materials

  • A t-shirt, preferably oversized
  • Basic sewing equipment
  • Scissors
  • Ten minutes of your time

To start, lay your t-shirt flat and and cut out a rectangle from the cuff of one sleeve to the other. Be extra generous with the width as it will shrink when you stretch the material lengthwise. The bigger your bust the larger the width you will need. Locate the middle of this piece of material and cut out two triangular shapes. Don’t worry about jagged edges, once stretched this material rolls over on itself and effectively hides any poor cutting skills.

Pinch or concertina the material between the two triangles and pin once you get a shape you are happy with. Taking a needle and thread, sew the middle until it is gathered to a point.

Trim and lightly pull at the edges of the bandeau until you get your desired shape. I chose to round off the fabric in the middle. What used to be the sleeves of your t-shirt will now become the tie around your back. Decrease the width of these parts and stretch lightly. If you find, even when stretched, that you cannot tie the ends around your bust, attach either a ribbon or left over material from your t-shirt to these ends. An optional step is to embellish the centre of the top with old jewelry to give the garment a little dimension.

Cut a long, thin strip from your leftover material and pull at the edges until it curls. Attach both ends to the top. I chose to position mine just under my armpits to hide my poor stitching and add a little vintage feel. Once the ends have been sewn the strap will form a loop. Cut at the top, where the strap meets the back of your neck and tie together to ensure you get a decent, adjustable fit.

DIY Bikini Top

Et Voila! A perfectly simple DIY bikini top for lounging around in the sunshine or layering under sheer tops which requires no sewing skills whatsoever.

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