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A padded bra is a bra whose cups contain padding, or pockets for padding.

Padded bras are any bras that have a concealing lining or “padding”. The thickness of the padding varies from lightly padded such as the Never Say Never Soiré Softie Soft Padded Bra, breathable pads such as our Talco wireless bra, and more shaping bras such as our Elise Push Up. Wear a padded bra to conceal erect nipples, or for a comfortable, covered feel undershirts.

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Sometimes we could all use a little pick-me-up! Plush padding adds an extra boost to bust, for an attention-getting look that you’ll love. Padded bras are structured to comfortably contain and help add volume to bust. This style is a must-have for daring necklines when you don’t want to be as discreet.

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